The objective of the Commercial Space Programs graduate certificate is to provide students an intensive series of courses focused on commercial space intended to supplement traditional engineering, entrepreneurial, and business, and education curricula with an emphasis in commercial space, technical and entrepreneurial management, and public-private partnerships.

According to Dr. Greg Autry, Director at Southern California Commercial Spaceflight Initiative  (SCCSI) and Faculty of the CSP graduate certificate: "Commercial space startups are now far and away the fastest growing sector of the aerospace industry. According to Bryce Technologies, the five year period from 2013-2018 witnessed an order of magnitude increase in seed and venture capital investment. Space Angels Network reports that over $3 billion was invested in 2018 alone and cumulative commercial space investment is now at $18 billion. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte and Bank of America all project a space ecomony in the trillions."

Upon completion of all four courses, students will earn a graduate certificate in Florida Tech’s commercial space course. All courses are accredited with fully transferable credit to partner institutions.

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