Future SSP's

ssplocationsAt the occasion of the International Space University’s (ISU) 58th Board Of Trustees (BOT) meeting, held on 1st March 2018 in Strasbourg, the ISU BOT has assigned a number of locations for the future Space Studies Program (SSP) sites.

In accordance with the regular change in location, and in order to privilege participation of local candidates, it has been decided that:

  • SSP19 will take place at ISU central campus, Strasbourg, France (24 June - 23 August).
    Two major elements for this confirmation are - the celebration, in 2019, of 30 years since the first SSP in Strasbourg, France, and the timing to hold an SSP before the major building works would start at ISU to refurbish the campus completely.
  • SSP20 will then take place at Shenzhen, in China (22 June - 21 August 2020).
    This will be the second SSP in China, stressing the link between ISU and China as emerging space power.
  • Subject to successful negotiations, SSP21 is scheduled to take place in Granada, Spain.
    The Granada proposal was evaluated as the most promising one as a result of a Request for Proposal process. It still needs to be confirmed after more in-depth negotiations.