20 Years Master in Space Studies in Strasbourg!

A first class of 30 students received in 1996 the degree of Master in Space Studies (MSS) at the International Space University, based in Illkirch/Strasbourg.

This event deserved the necessary attention and, at the occasion of the graduation of the present MSS class (MSS15), 20 years later, a reunion was organized on 10 September in the ISU premises.

From the 30 alumni 24 were strongly interested to come over and finally 21 of them, coming as far as from Australia, Singapore and Africa attended the festivities.

Both classes, MSS96 and MSS15 were meeting and the new graduates and students as such benefitted of 20 years of space experience. In addition a tour was made in the ISU building which most of the previous alumni had never seen. It goes without saying that they were highly impressed by the modern facilities and laboratories which are now at the disposal of the new students.

The day was concluded at the Strasbourg town hall where the two groups, as well as a number of teachers and staff, also some who were at ISU 20 years ago, partners, amongst others SERTIT, came over for the event, were welcomed by the Eurometropole authorities.

The occasion was also taken to highlight the uniqueness of ISU in Strasbourg by a number of appealing posters in town.

mss20 2

MSS 20 years’ anniversary poster in front of the European Parliament and European Human Rights Court

It is hoped that this event is the start of a 4th I in the ISU credo. Besides International, Intercultural and Interdisciplinary the University is now also truly becoming … Intergenerational.