Feet Tapping and Hands Clapping at ISU SSP18 Closing Ceremony

“And with that, I officially close SSP18, the 31st Space Studies Program of the International Space University. Thank you all for joining us to celebrate this voyage, and for this special evening.” Concluded ISU SSP Director Dr. Omar Hatamleh.

The SSP18 began on 25th June 2018 with 135 participants entering behind the flags of their countries, under the model of the International Space Station at ESA ESTEC, a symbol of international collaboration. Nine weeks later, the class of 2018 is now unified by an interdisciplinary, intercultural, and international summer of space. In true ISU tradition the cohort entered behind the ISU flag which was carried by the SSP18 Class Representatives Yanina Hallak and Caroline Sheeran, in the beautiful 500 year old building of the University of Leiden.

Dr. Hatamleh reminded the audience, comprised of dignitaries from the supporting cities of Delft, Leiden, Noordwijk and The Hague, that SSP participants took advantage in The Netherlands of the best in European space research, engineering, technology, operations and policy. And that this year’s academic program consisted of no less then:
56 Core lectures, 52 Elective Workshops, 16 Fundamental workshops, 105 Departmental activities, and 236 instructors from all over the world.

Prof. Carel Stolker, Leiden University Rector Magnificus & Chairman of the Executive Board and Prof. Tim van der Hagen, Delft University of Technology Rector Magnificus & Chairman of the Executive Board reiterated the benefits of the Sizzling Summer of Space campaign. Tom Cremins addressed the participants as the NASA Acting Chief of Staff and Associate Administrator for Strategy and Plans. Alexandra Ryan, the SSP18 participant liaison gave a speech on behalf of the ISU SSP18 staff.

Prof. Walter Peeters, ISU President thanked the hosts and congratulated them on making even the weather “sizzling”!

Deepika Jey, the SSP18 Class Speaker picked some of the highlights of this summer. Geraldine Moser, ISU Head Business Development introduced a visual memoire movie produced by ISU alum Shripathi Hadigal.

And Dr. Nicolas Matt, the Vice-President for Higher Education and Research of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, and host of SSP19 promoted this next site which is also the home of the International Space University’s central campus.

An SSP18 event described by many as “full of emotions, a graduation ceremony with energy and fun”!

This was the first SSP to be hosted in The Netherlands, by three host sites:

  • the Delft University of Technology, 
  • Leiden University
  • and ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk

in collaboration with The Netherlands Space Office.

A special thank you to all sponsoring organizations which can be found HERE.

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SSP18 Visual Memoire

SSP18 Closing2

Photo Credit: Ramon van Jaarsveld