International Space University 31st Space Studies Program 2018 in the Netherlands

ISU is proud to announce that its 31st annual Space Studies Program (SSP) session will convene in the Netherlands during the summer of 2018.

The program will be hosted by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO), in collaboration with three leading Dutch space organizations: the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Leiden University and ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA-ESTEC) in Noordwijk. Combined, these institutes represent the best in European space research, engineering, technology, operations and policy.

The Netherlands offers the world unique space technologies and applications. One good example of Dutch space technology is the Tropomi earth observation instrument that will provide an image of air quality of the entire world every day, due to launch early 2016. Many European space missions would not exist without Dutch space technology. Dutch scientists also play a leading role in international space missions, unlocking the secrets of the universe.

The Netherlands is home to ESA-ESTEC, a flourishing space sector and world leading research institutes and universities, making it a perfect place to gather the world’s most promising space professionals for the ISU Space Studies Program in 2018.

Director of NSO, Dr Ger Nieuwpoort says:

“Space is increasingly important for society worldwide. I think the Netherlands is an excellent place for educating the next generation of space professionals. I am proud that we can host SSP18 and look forward to an inspiring summer of 2018.”

SSP Director John Connolly states:

"ISU is excited to bring its Space Studies Program to The Netherlands in 2018. The historical academic reputations of Delft and Leiden Universities, combined with their excellent modern facilities will provide the academic foundation for SSP. The partnership with ESTEC will further strengthen ISU's ties to ESA, and will offer a venue where the SSP participants can witness today's theories and technologies becoming tomorrow's space missions."

Prof. Dr. Hester Bijl, Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering TU Delft comments:

“I think it’s great that the summer of 2018 will be a sizzling summer of space here in our region. Bringing together the ISU, the many smart and enthusiastic space professionals participating in the summer school program, and the multidisciplinary community of space scientists, engineers and businesses at TU Delft and our partners, will lead to valuable new knowledge and networks. Together we can show the world how relevant and exciting space technology is.”

Director and Head of ESA-ESTEC Franco Ongaro points out:

"We look forward to working with the Space community in the Netherlands in hosting this prestigious ISU program, and to fruitful exchanges with the many international participants. As a founding partner of ISU, we are delighted with the decision to hold the SSP program very close to ESA's major technical center. We value the intercultural and interdisciplinary education delivered by ISU and we see the added value that ISU alumni bring as ESA employees but also throughout the Space community worldwide."

Prof.dr. Huub Röttgering, Scientific Director of the Leiden Observatory says:

“It’s wonderful to see how the close collaboration between Leiden, Delft and ESA can produce such an impressive international event. The future top of the space industry can now learn about all the amazing, high-level scientific and technical work that is taking place in the Netherlands”.

Prof. dr. Rick Lawson, dean of the Leiden University Law School adds:

"Leiden Law School is delighted to host SSP in 2018. The ‘Oude Sterrewacht’, the oldest university observatory in the world that is still operational, will provide a unique venue for the participants. We will organize, together with the other co-hosts, an event that will live long in the memory and have a positive impact, not only on the participants, but also on our own faculty and students. We look forward to the opportunity to strengthen the ties with colleagues from other disciplines, who share our fascination for space activities."

The SSP is an intense two month program which offers participants a unique and comprehensive professional development experience, covering all aspects of space programs and enterprises. Disciplines highlighted include space physical sciences, space engineering, space policy, economics and law, space management and business, space and the humanities, space applications, and human performance in space. The program targets young as well as seasoned professionals from all disciplines and coming from all around the world, as well as post‐graduate university students. Team projects allow participants to refine a space-related topic as a team, and also produce professional quality reports and final presentations, all in the span of a few weeks. Every summer the SSP takes place in a different location around the world. Recent sessions have convened in Beijing, at the NASA Ames Research Center, in Melbourne (Florida), at ETS and HEC in Montreal, and at Ohio University. In 2016 the SSP will take place in Haifa, Israel, in collaboration with Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology. In 2017 the program will be hosted by the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in Cork, Ireland.

Further information about the Space Studies Program can be found under:‐studies‐program

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