ISU Further Develops Support to its Alumni at the Central Campus

In close cooperation with the Eurometropole of Strasbourg, ISU has continued to plan for entrepreneurial activities at its campus. A next important step has been reached by obtaining the COSPACE label for Booster activities. This label has been created by an inter-ministerial agreement.

And it is monitored by CNES and GIFAS.
The objective is to merge space applications with information technology and terrestrial applications.
In this particular case the applications chosen by the local partners is intended to cover space applications for such areas as:

  • Future mobility
  • Traffic infrastructure and urbanization
  • Water management
  • Sustainable energy

A dossier was prepared and has been selected, with the new Booster called RHINESPACE; the logo has been designed to both provide a satellite reference as well as a schematic of the Rhine flow.

The Rhine reference is linked to the desire to give this booster in ISU a transnational dimension, in particular based upon the vicinity of Germany and Switzerland.

The prime objective of a booster, also called accelerator, is to support start-ups in their efforts to become small enterprises by providing them networking opportunities at different events and financing support from different national innovation budgets. In order to support these activities, a RHINESPACE office will be created in the ISU building.

In addition to this, ISU will also house an incubator under the ESA-BIC framework to help young start-ups formed by MSS or SSSP alumni in the building. Combined it will provide a strong support to ISU created start-ups, in particular those linked to downstream applications in the aforementioned application fields.

Other related initiatives are envisaged and will be communicated in due course, but all of them have one common objective: help the ISU alumni to start up companies in the New Space Economy!