ISU is present at Summer School on Space Transportation in Europe

Sapienza University of Rome is hosting this year’s itinerant Summer School on Space Transportation in Europe, organized by the Community of Ariane Cities.  This course brings together 33 graduate level engineering students and young professionals from 5 countries during four weeks.

Participants learn about space transportation systems, operations and organizations, they visit space-related organizations in the region such as CIRA and AVIO, and conduct a team project on small reusable launchers for satellite constellations.

The photo was taken at Sapienza’s School of Engineering on 9 July. Posing with the students are Dr. Mario Tindaro Migliorino, Research Fellow at Sapienza and academic leader of the Summer School (top left), and by ISU’s President Juan de Dalmau (center) who conducted a workshop on media training and crisis communications in the space transportation field.

Picture Credit: ISU/Sapienza University of Rome