ISU kicking off 28th SSP on Ohio University Campus

The ISU’s 28th Space Studies Program is kicking off, on Monday 8th June at 17.30 EDT, on Ohio University Campus, Walter Hall Rotunda! SSP15 is drawing more than 110 participants from 30 countries – and 150 more faculty members – to Athens, Ohio, from June 8-August 7, 2015.

They are engineers, scientists, and legal and medical professionals, from government and space agencies, academia and aerospace companies.

According to SSP15 director John Connolly, who was most recently NASA’s chief exploration scientist:
“We're now in the transformation from years of planning to nine weeks of intense activity. Along the way, we'll invite the OHIO community to join us at special events with astronauts and the heads of space agencies, and noted scientists, space entrepreneurs, film makers, authors and rocket scientists from around the world,” Connolly said. “After our program ‘blasts off’ June 8, our international, interdisciplinary and intercultural ‘crew’ will spend two months absorbing both their space studies as well as the American hospitality of southern Ohio.”

Additional Opening Ceremony speakers include:

• Sunita L. Williams, Captain, U.S. Navy; Astronaut, NASA
• Walter Peeters, President, ISU
• Roderick McDavis, President of Ohio University
• James Free, Director of NASA Glenn Research Center
• Dennis Irwin, Dean of Russ College of Engineering and Technology, Ohio University
• Peter Diamandis, Co-founder of ISU

ISU is a beacon that attracts people from all countries who are interested in dedicating their lives to pursuing careers in space. It brings them together in one place to meet and learn about the latest cutting edge developments in space.

Recent SSP sessions have convened in Montreal, Strasbourg, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Barcelona and Beijing. SSP16 will be held in Haifa, Israel; and SSP17 will be held in Cork, Ireland.
The conference partner is NASA Glenn Research Center. The prime sponsor is NASA. Major sponsors include Aerospace Corporation, Boeing, the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, the Chinese Aerospace Corporation, the European Space Agency, the Indian Space Research Organization, Lockheed Martin Corporation and the UK Space Agency.

A live webcast of SSP15 opening ceremony is available under

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