ISU Welcomes Dr. Tejumola Taiwo A New Resident Faculty

After the departure of Dr. Osborne, the International Space University (ISU) had an urgent need to hire a resident faculty in the field of space applications, at the same time able to potentially contribute to further development and research of projects.

A large number of candidatures were received, and the final choice was made for Dr. Tejumola Taiwo.

Dr. Tejumola is a Nigerian Space Systems Engineer who worked initially for NASRDA in this area. He got the chance to broaden his interest in space applications and was involved in the development and leading of SmallSat projects at the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan, under the guidance of former ISU resident faculty, Prof. Mengu Cho. He recently submitted a PhD thesis in the field of Space Systems Engineering with focus on instrumentation and Earth Observation.

The combination of his knowledge of different space applications with his experience in the development of space hardware provides ISU with a very strong asset to develop in this field.

In addition to this, the unique combination of Taiwo’s knowledge of both the African space community as well as the Asian one, provides ISU with a very valuable intercultural asset. Having arrived in time to be part of the opening ceremony of MSS19 at ISU, he will be immediately operational in the lecturing on space applications, his speciality.
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