ISU Space Studies Program wins Via Satellite Industry Award

The Via Satellite 2014 Excellence Award for the University Space Program of the Year was awarded to the International Space University (ISU) for the Space Studies Program (SSP).

The award was accepted by ISU’s North American vice-president Steve Brody during the prestigious Satellite 2015 conference, Via Satellite Awards Breakfast. From the Award presentation:  

“ISU is the space industry’s largest university with over 4,000 graduates from its many programs working daily in satellite, human space flight, new space and beyond. Many of ISU’s graduates are now the CEO, C Level thought leaders of our industry. ISU’s Space Studies Program is at the core of its offerings.”  

Via Satellite’s 2014 Excellence Awards salute the companies, technologies, campaigns and innovative people who’ve helped shape the success of the global satellite industry. They showcase the most outstanding people and technologies in the satellite industry and set a benchmark for what can be accomplished in this storied marketplace.

Winners of 2014 Excellence Awards are selected by the Excellence Awards committee, made up of editors and other members of the Satellite Executive of the Year Committee.

The SSP is an intense nine-week program which offers the participants a unique and comprehensive professional development experience covering all aspects of space programs and enterprises. Disciplines highlighted include space physical sciences; space engineering; space policy, economics and law; space management and business; space and the humanities; space applications; and human performance in space. This program targets young and seasoned professionals from all disciplines as well as post-graduate university students. The program features core lectures, departmental activities, and team projects that allow participants to produce new perspectives on current space topics by combining their international, interdisciplinary and intercultural backgrounds. Every summer, the SSP takes place in a different location around the world. Recent sessions have convened in Graz (Austria), Melbourne (Florida, USA), Strasbourg (France), and Montreal (Canada).

“This is truly excellent news!  It is great for ISU to get the recognition that it deserves.  The SSP teams that have worked over the years have all contributed to creating and delivering a quality experience that changes people's lives” comments Gary Martin, Director Partnerships Directorate, NASA Ames Research Center and former SSP director.