First Chinese Visiting Professor resident at ISU

From this academic year onwards the ISU participants will have the pleasure to receive excellent insight in the Chinese space sector via an alumnus, Gongling Sun (SSP98 in Cleveland).

Indeed, Gongling has started this academic year a three-year detachment from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) at the International Space University (ISU) and will be a strong asset for the international character of our different programs.

Gongling graduated as an engineer with degrees in mechanical engineering, aircraft design and applied mechanics. He then started working in the Chinese launch sector initially as a system engineer and later as a program manager. Afterwards, he was the assistant of the well-known scientist Prof. Wang, the father of the Chinese human flight program.

He became director of EuraSpace GmbH in 2000, a joint venture between CASC and (then) EADS Space based in Munich, the first and only joint space company between Chinese and European industries. Since 2009 he was the Chief Representative of CASC in Europe, based in Paris. In this capacity, he also gave several presentations as a lecturer in the ISU programs about the Chinese space sector.

His vast experience of this sector and familiarity with the European environment make him a strong asset for ISU and the participants of ISU programs will surely benefit from this over the next years!