Help Launch Gym Dator - ISU’s Future Temple of Steel

In today’s modern and demanding world, finding time for oneself is a privileged perk. Maintaining an exceptional physical form of fitness and cardiovascular endurance is not just a hobby but it is a status that requires a devoted lifestyle to maintain.

Graduate school is one of the most important phases of our lives. We are surrounded by people who have the same professional goals and interest in the space industry. Unfortunately, it is no secret that programs that are as intense as ISU’s Master of Space Studies program MSS19 also cultivate a very unhealthy way of life. As the program prolongs, we struggle more and more to hide the negative changes in our bodies. That is why we have decided to assemble ISU’s very first fitness center.

A graduate school generally has a demanding schedule, particularly 12-month programs like MSS. Gym memberships prove costly particularly at a point when most students have no source of income but a dwindling loan funded account. Meanwhile some students have the discipline and self-motivation to create and maintain a fitness log made up of weight free exercises, not all of us are born with such a talent. When asked how he will benefit from a having a fitness center in school, Fabio answered:

“Keeping my regular physical activity without spending too much money or wasting too much time”.

This is why it is not only imperative but logical that we as a class tackle this issue together not just as students, but as an organization, as MSS19.

As students, we began to ask one another what if, what if we had our own gym? Having access to a school fitness center is the most profound option that we can make available to ourselves. MSS19 student Charlotte states,”Days at ISU can be long and intense particularly during winter, where most students arrive before sunrise and leave after sunset.

Having a gym at school would allow us to relieve stress and allow us to fit sports into our schedule which is not really the case right now.

“Why would we have to add in more stops on our daily commute when we can make all of those things available here in our very own university? Furthermore, Charlotte also mentioned that,” The gym would make ISU more attractive and would encourage people spending their days here to mingle.” Charlotte’s classmate Xing Xu summed up that, “we can exercise regularly in order to keep our bodies healthy.”

Our lives are limited, our minds are even more limited. The space field is one that is still very infantile per the technological standpoint. Yet with the advancements of the last century. What we will witness and contribute in our lifetimes will be crucial for our industry. Why not try to see how far we can go in the next century? A healthy mind needs a healthy vessel to carry it and prolonged our contribution to space. Why wait for tomorrow in order to seek a better physical form when we can start today so we may witness the next leap in space studies?

In the last months our idea of having a convenient fitness center within our campus has gone from a written proposal to a plan of action. As a class, we have designated a name for our future center: Gym Dator. Many of our faculty have contributed towards our objective and one faculty leader even offered to scalp their beloved hair in order. We are so close to fail now, the quicker that we raise enough funds, the sooner that we can start utilizing our fitness center and see which team can lift the heaviest. See which team can log in the most burpees!

You can help with proceeds by clicking HERE.

An article written by Farnoosh Sheini, an ISU MSS19 student.

Picture credit : Eoin Tuohy, “Some MSS19 students and staff at the Ekiden race in October 2018”