ISU MSS 2018 Astrobiology Elective: From insects to galaxies

Astrobiology, which concerns life in the universe, is a truly interdisciplinary field of investigation and is always well-appreciated in the International Space University (ISU) curricula.  The recent MSS 2018 “Astrobiology Elective” (April 30 to May 11) was no exception”, said ISU Prof. Hugh Hill, leader of this Elective.   

A plethora of Astrobiology topics were analyzed, from the origin of intelligence to the current standing of SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence).  An impressive, 18 strong international Faculty contributed to the two-week program.  These included: Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund (Chair of the DLR Executive Board and Vice-Chancellor of ISU), Dr. Chris McKay (NASA-ARC), Dr. Joe Nuth (NASA GSFC), Prof. John Zarnecki (President, Royal Astronomical Society, London), Prof. Ofer Lahav (University College London) and Emeritus Prof. Joe Gale (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).  While academically rigorous, the Elective atmosphere was always friendly and frequently humorous!   

Photo Credit: Prof Hill – ISU MSS 2018 Astrobiology Elective Students inspect laboratory-bred mosquitos at Strasbourg’s IBMC Insectarium.