ISU Master of Space Studies 2018 Life Support Systems Elective

As part of the ISU Master of Space Studies (MSS) program, students are following elective lectures where they have the opportunity to study two specific topics in details. During the first elective week, several students chose the lectures on Life Support Systems (LSS).

This elective organized by Prof. Volker Damann, a medical doctor and ISU resident faculty, gave the opportunity to students to meet two experts of the field:  Dr Gisela Detrell for the engineering part and Dr Jens Hauslage for the biology aspect. As an extra part, MSS students were invited by Algae Natural Foods SAS on their premises based on the Parc d’Innovation of Illkirch, where they learnt about algae and their use to sustain human life.

Thanks to them, students learnt a lot about Life Support Systems and engineering as well as biology and botanic (students were offered a botanic tour for example).
Finally, students built on their knowledge through small team projects during which they responded to a specific case scenario.

Nicolas Brechenmacher, one of the MSS students who followed this elective said:

“Life Support Systems is a really interesting subject. And as a trained engineer, having the possibility to discover biological aspects of such complex systems is an added value to my existing knowledge, which shows once again the importance of interdisciplinary studies in order to solve challenges.”

As leisure and social activities are important elements of human life, especially under hazardous conditions, the LSS elective ended with a tasting of cocktails designed by the students, each cocktail composition matching with their project.

ISU thanks all the speakers who took part in the LSS elective, especially Dr Gisela Detrell and Dr Jens Hauslage.