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Master of Space Studies students are all fluent in English; still ISU organizes English classes for some of them who need to work on specific aspects of the language such as writing skills or pronunciation. These skills are very important, as during the academic year, students will have to hand out research papers and do individual presentations in front of diverse audiences.

ISU has been collaborating for many years with ITIRI (“Institut de Traducteurs, d'Interprètes et de Relations Internationales”) of the University of Strasbourg on the English classes.

Introducing the new English professor, Drew Eisenhauer:

DREW EISENHAUER is an American from the Baltimore, Washington DC area of the East Coast. He currently lives in Paris with his French wife and 5-year-old son but they spend all their vacation time in Alsace. He received his PhD in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland (USA).  Originally a professor of American drama, Drew is the co-editor with Brenda Murphy of the collection Intertextuality in American Drama: Critical Essays on Eugene O'Neill, Susan Glaspell, Thornton Wilder, Arthur Miller and Other Playwright (2012).

For the last 8 years, he has specialized in helping students from all over the world write their masters and undergraduate theses in business, marketing, fine arts and fashion studies in English for such schools as Coventry University (UK) and Paris College of Art (France).

He has been fascinated with the new frontier of space since reading science fiction and watching the NASA launches. He is currently tracking Elon Musk and Space X, where the stars meet the stock market!

Drew has recently given his first class to the MSS students, assessing their level and exchanging with them on their needs, and is looking forward to teaching classes in the coming weeks for space students.

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Picture: Drew Eisenhauer at ISU
Credits: ISU