ISU’s Class of Master of Space Studies 2020 lifts off!

Only two weeks after the Opening Ceremony on 5 September, the Master of Space Studies (MSS) class of over 40 students from 26 countries has completed a hands-on workshop by designing, building and launching six model rockets.

This very diverse class brings together academic backgrounds including Architecture, Astrophysics, Biology, Business, Computer Science, Engineering and Policy and Law. With close to 60% women, this is the first ISU program since the University’s founding 32 years ago to have 50% or greater female enrollment.

The rocketry workshop, led by ISU resident faculty Dr. Hugh Hill and by MSS14 alumnus Adrian Eilingsfeld, is part of the International Space University’s first MSS module, an intensive six-week introduction to space from an interdisciplinary perspective. During two full days, the class is split into small teams for a hands-on learning experience on model rocket design, propulsion, aerodynamics and construction. This activity is the first MSS interdisciplinary and intercultural teamwork experience, setting the stage for subsequent team assignments and projects during the academic year and providing necessary skills for the future space professionals.

The ceremonies on 5 September combined the graduation of MSS19 students as well as the “lift-off” of the class of MSS20. Distinguished speakers included ISU’s Chancellor Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund, and MSS alumni Chiara Manfletti (President of the Portuguese Space Agency) and Silvio Sandrone (Vice President at Airbus Defence and Space).

This edition of the MSS marks the 25th anniversary of the program launch in Strasbourg. At the time, the pioneering ISU team of faculty and staff was temporarily hosted at the Ecole Telecom Physique of the University of Strasbourg (then Université Louis Pasteur) before the current Central Campus building was inaugurated in 2002.






Picture credits: ISU