MSS18 Vittorio Rossello Reports on a Visit to Eurospace and ESA

The International Space University (ISU) Master of Space Studies (MSS18) participants were split into two groups on 9th March 2018 for several professional visits. Professional visits are a noteworthy aspect of the MSS program as they enable participants to meet people from the industry and space agencies.

And also to exchange with their hosts on professional opportunities in the space sector and even sometimes to have an insight into the career of MSS alumni. One group of MSS participants recently went to Paris to visit Eurospace and the European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters.

MSS18 participant Vittorio Rossello reports back on the trip to the City of Light.

“We first visited Eurospace, which is the trade association of the European Space Industry. It is a non-profit European organization created in 1961. Eurospace member companies today represent 90% of the total turnover of the European Space Industry. Eurospace fosters the development of space activities in Europe and promotes a better understanding of space industry related issues and problems.

Pierre Lionnet, Eurospace Director of Research, gave us a lecture of the major economical trends in the space industry since its first development. Among other figures, the amounts of satellite mass and launch costs have been discussed.

MSS18 webArt2 March18Then, in the afternoon, we went to ESA Headquarters. First, we attended a lecture of Piero Messina on "Expanding space activities beyond LEO: from Luxembourg space resources initiative to the Moon Village", during which he explained the most relevant ESA future projects for the years to come.

Later on, Nathalie Meusy held a lecture on “ESA's approach of Sustainable Development: an element of space policy” and invited ISU participants to participate in the annual ESA Sustainable Development challenge. Finally, André Farand, from the Legal department, held a lecture on "ESA's institutional and programs setting and the role of the ESA Legal Services Department", explaining the challenges of ESA while procuring funding from EU and individual Member States.

The three lectures were really interesting and gave us some material to reflect and debate on. The exchange with the ESA members gave us some understanding on topical issues that they work on.

Between the two visits, the participants enjoyed a break and some sightseeing in Paris, the City of Light!”

ISU faculty and MSS participants thank their hosts at Eurospace and ESA for yet another interesting and insightful visit.