Where Space Meets Popular Culture: The Inaugural ISU Arthur C. Clarke Event

The theme this year for the Space Studies Program (SSP) Arthur C. Clarke event is: “Where Space Meets Popular Culture”. The June 24th event, organized by ISU focuses on the intersection of Hollywood and science, where STEM meets STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Panelists include five time Hugo Award winning science fiction author (from 37 nominations), Mike Resnick.  Resnick is one of the top science fiction writers ever published.  

John Beck-Hofmann has been an award winning Writer/Director/Editor/DP and Composer at NASA/JPL for over 20 years. His most famous work “7 minutes of Terror”, viewed over 20 million times, won him NASA’s Exceptional Achievement Medal” in 2013. He received an Emmy for his work on National Geographic’s “Five Years on Mars” and just recently aired his latest documentary, “Red Planet Rover” on the Discovery Channel.

Daniel St. Pierre, partnered with Christopher Reeve on the animated feature - Everyone's Hero. Directing credits also include -Quantum Quest - A Cassini Space Odyssey with Dr. Harry Kloor and Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s Return - also serving as Production Designer on each. “Legends of Oz” was honored with a ‘Best Animated Feature’ award nomination – the coveted Annecy “Cristal” in 2013. St. Pierre also served as Art Director on Tarzan and Quantum Quest.

Co-chairs of the event are Michael Potter and Dr. Harry Kloor, both are graduates of SSP88 and award winning filmmakers in their own right.

Mr. Potter is the Director of the award winning documentary film, “Orphans of Apollo”, and he is Executive Director of a new documentary about the Singularity University, “The University” will be released shortly.

Dr. Kloor is the Writer, Director and Producer of “Quantum Quest”, and just completed writing “ILL Wind” for Fox Features based on Kevin Anderson and Doug Beason's book of the same title.  He was also a writer on Star Trek Voyager.  Dr. Kloor is the first person in the United States to earn two PhDs simultaneously in two distinct academic disciplines: Physics and Chemistry. This summer he begins work on first of series of features based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Venus” book series.

The audience will get a special address from Dr. Joe Pelton, Pulitzer Prize nominated author, and author of nearly 40 books, including a recent book about Arthur C. Clarke entitled, “The Oracle of Colombo”. Dr. Pelton is the founder and vice chairman of the Arthur C. Clarke foundation and former dean of ISU.

A recording of the event can be viewed under: http://www.isunet.edu/video-and-webcast

Direct link to Arthur C. Clarke video about ISU “To plan for a century”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwBdNeeWMw4