Young Space Professionals Visit Europe's Spaceport in Kourou

Two groups of 25 young space professionals have visited the Guiana Space Centre (CSG) in Kourou in late October and early November, as part of the professional development activities offered by the Young ESA association of employees of the European Space Agency.

The groups included a number of alumni from the Master of Space Studies (MSS) and Space Studies Program (SSP) from the International Space University (ISU). They met with local employees, attended briefings by the Spaceport's management and visited the modern facilities where spacecraft and launch vehicles are processed prior to launch, as well as the Ariane 6 launch complex construction site, the ESA Diane ground station and the Jupiter mission control center.


ESA's representative in Kourou Charlotte Beskow said:

"We were delighted to welcome this year's groups and were impressed by their interest in what we do here. They came from eleven different ESA Member States and we look forward to seeing many of them come back to CSG during their careers as spacecraft launch team members, or even as longer term employees at the Spaceport."

CNES' Director at CSG Didier Faivre said:

"We know that these visitors become excellent ambassadors of our Spaceport and of French Guiana as a welcoming destination for working and living. The exchanges between these young visitors and our employees are an important source of fresh ideas and an enriching networking opportunity for all."

The visits are organized yearly by Juan de Dalmau, who said: "When I started with the first ISU alumni visit to CSG in the year 2000, I did not imagine that the interest would reach today's proportions. I look forward to a growing cooperation between Young ESA and ISU in offering development and network opportunities to our emerging space professionals."


Photo Credits:

Photo 1 - The group visiting the Guiana Space Centre on 8 November 2018 (credit ESA-CNES-Arianespace P. Baudon)
Photo 2 - The group visiting the Guiana Space Centre on 29 October 2018 (credit ESA-CNES-Arianespace G. Barbaste)
Photo 3 - Launch of Eumetsat’s MetOp-C weather satellite with a Soyuz rocket on 6 November 2018 from the Guiana Space Centre (credit X. Collaud).
Photo 4 - The massive mobile gantry for Ariane 6 close to reaching its final height of 90 meters, and the water tower (credit X. Collaud)