MSS18 Internship stories: Anisa Qureshi at ISPACE, Luxembourg

This week, Anisa Qureshi reports from ispace in Luxembourg: “ispace is a rapidly growing start-up, no two days are the same. ispace Europe is the second office of ispace inc; the first being the headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Even though the European branch is still in its early stages, it has expanded from one employee in March 2017 to about fifteen. ispace’s headquarters in Europe is situated in Luxembourg, focusing on areas such as Engineering, Science and Business. One of ispace Europe’s business aims is to begin seeking out potential advertising opportunities. I am part of pushing this endeavor forward. The final deliverable I am responsible for could be presented by my manager during his next trip to Tokyo.

Outside of work, I have been trying to connect with my new home for the next three months. Luxembourg is an enchanting city, with many places to visit such as the Point Adolphe bridge that hangs over a picturesque valley. One of the benefits I have as an English speaker, is the sheer number of expats, making English a widely spoken language.

More so, the high number of expats; due to the presence of companies such as ING, Amazon, Pay Pal and Microsoft, have led to many after work events. Particularly, the monthly space cafe hosted by ispace, the most recent one was on space law and held in the Arendt & Medernach law firm.

My time here has made me appreciative of the lessons I learnt at ISU, as it is from this, that I am able to deliver with confidence. I am excited to see how the work I am currently doing fits into the growth of ispace inc in the future.”

The last module of ISU's Master of Space Studies (MSS) program is a three-month internship that ISU students carry out in space agencies, space companies, start-ups, universities and other space-related organizations.

ISU MSS students are working all over the world, gaining valuable skills in many different environments, on many different types of projects.

Picture: MSS18 student Anisa Qureshi and her internship mentor Francois Dubrecq, financing manager ispace.