MSS18 Internship stories: Grégoire Nemo at ESA ESTEC, The Netherlands

“Since the 1st of June 2018, I have been conducting an internship at the European Space Agency (ESA), in the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC). I currently live in the city of Leiden (Netherlands) with two fellow International Space University colleagues and friends.”

This week, Grégoire Nemo reports back from ESA ESTEC.

“My background before ISU was mostly in the field of social sciences, and not strictly space-related. After a bachelor’s in History and Geography, I undertook a first master’s in political and cultural Geography in Paris. Regardless of this “non-technical” background, I have always been especially passionate about space exploration, a passion I further developed through the Master of Space Studies (MSS).

At ESTEC, I am currently working for the Strategy and innovation team, Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration. The team focuses on missions targeting Low-Earth-Orbit (International Space Station), the Moon and Mars. I support the European long-term strategy in this domain by analyzing benefits from current missions, defining the potential for future ones, bridging international cooperation opportunities as well as fostering partnerships with private entities.
We also actively work on the European Exploration Envelope Program (E3P), exploration budget that will be presented for approval at the next Ministerial Council of ESA in 2019.

The expertise I gained at ISU in both technical aspects (e.g. space science, engineering…) and non-technical ones (e.g. policy, management, business…) is an asset, not to say a requisite in my daily activities here. So is the ability to work efficiently with people from various backgrounds and nationalities.

This six-month internship concludes a thrilling year of MSS, making the best use of both my pre-ISU and post-ISU competences in order to serve the development of space exploration activities.”

ESTEC welcomes this summer four MSS18 students: Vittorio Rossello, Antonio Caiazzo, Robert Bernard and Grégoire Nemo.

The last module of ISU's Master of Space Studies (MSS) program is a three-month internship that ISU students carry out in space agencies, space companies, start-ups, universities and other space-related organizations.
ISU MSS students are working all over the world, gaining valuable skills in many different environments, on many different types of projects.

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Picture: From left to right - MSS18 Grégoire Nemo and Vittorio Rossello, former ISU faculty Barnaby Osborne, MSS18 Robert Bernard and Antonio Caiazzo, MSS16 Arthur Van Eeckhout