New Gender Record for Next ISU Master of Space Studies Class

On 6 September 2018 the traditional combined closing ceremony for the outgoing class and opening ceremony of the new incoming class took place in ISU in the presence of dignitaries, staff and friends of ISU, as well as family of the students.

The graduating students got their well-deserved degrees from Prof. P. Ehrenfreund, in her capacity as ISU vice-chancellor and outgoing ISU president Prof. W. Peeters.

In her role of head of DLR, The German Aerospace Agency, Prof. Ehrenfreund then showed a few very recent results from experiments at present taking place at the ISS.

Mr. L. Suchet, Chief Operating Officer of CNES, then pictured the opportunities which were offered by the present space sector and the New Space Economy.

Mr. A. Wagner, representing the ISU BOT as Vice-President, then formalized the presidential transfer and welcomed Mr. J. De Dalmau as new president of ISU.

Prof. C. Welch, director of MSS then welcomed the new, very diversified class of participants. It was very remarkable that for the first time in ISU’s history a class is composed of 40% female students. “An absolute record which shows that our efforts to improve the gender balance at ISU are bearing fruit, and that more and more women are preparing for careers in the space sector” says Nassim Bovet, ISU head of admissions and alumni affairs.

Mrs. C. Trautmann, Vice-President of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg then welcomed the students to Strasbourg emphasizing the strong support to them by the local community.

The ceremonies were followed by the award of MSS18 prizes including:

The Initiative for Interstellar Studies Alpha Centauri Prize,
awarded to the student for the best Interstellar-related Individual Project
Winner: Mr. Zachary Burkhardt

Association of Space Explorers Europe Prize,
awarded to the student for the best Individual Project related to Human Space Flight
Winner: Ms. Michelle Noguez Ceron

Manx Precision Optics Prize,
awarded to the student with the highest grade in their Individual Project
Winner: Mr. René Michel

The Hypatia Prize,
awarded to the student with the best Individual Project bridging Conceptual Research with Technology Design and Implementation in Space
Winner: Mr. Shan Huang


The large 3I diversity of this MSS19 class is a new challenge for the ISU staff which is well prepared to cope with this!

Memories of MSS18 Graduation and MSS19 Opening ceremonies