Season’s Greetings from International Space University

The most striking event for ISU in 2015 was the 20 years anniversary of the Master of Space Studies program. It was the occasion for our local partners to make a strong promotion in the streets of Strasbourg, making the people aware that the extraterrestrial had already landed in Alsace since a long time!

mss20A number of events were locally organized to illustrate that ISU was, already since 20 years graduating Master students, after the Space Studies Program (SSP), the second step in the very visionary plan of our Founders!
As reported earlier, one of the most noted events was the fact that a large number of the first MSS class (MSS96) came back to Strasbourg for a joint event with the present MSS class.
In the meanwhile some 900 students graduated in ISU’s MSS. Similar to the SSP alumni, they are now gradually occupying important functions in the different areas of the space sector, and together form the most powerful network in the space area.  This was again very visible at the last IAC in Jerusalem, where close to 10% of the participants present were ISU alumni!
We have therefore decided to put our New Year’s wishes based on this remarkable theme, as you can note from the electronic card below:



With this in mind, and knowing that ISU is ready for several decades of new successes, I wish all in ISU, faculty, staff, sponsors and evidently alumni, all the best for 2016, a year where we are also looking forward to the SSP in Technion, in a region where ISU was not present before.
Best wishes to all and counting on your support as we could count on it in the past!
Walter Peeters
President, ISU