SPIRE CEO Peter Platzer MSS12 shares his experience with MSS18

Each academic year, ISU invites a number of its alumni with New Space experience to contribute to the MSS entrepreneurship elective. This year, the MSS18 class had the privilege of a visit from MSS12 alumnus and Spire CEO Peter Platzer.

Peter and two of his MSS12 classmates, conceived and launched their company in 2012. Focusing on nanosatellites, the company’s initial focus was on educational systems but swiftly evolved to use CubeSats for maritime tracking and then weather data collection.

SPIRE, with now 150 staff, operates end-to-end satellite manufacturing facilities in Glasgow with worldwide customer-oriented offices. In 2017, they relocated their headquarters, as many New Space companies have done, to Luxembourg.

Because of this closeness to the International Space University (ISU), Peter offered to become more involved in the Master of Space Studies (MSS) program. As a result, on 11 May he spent a day with the students in a number of activities:

  • First, he shared his experience of the creation and early issues of a New Space company in an interactive session with students interested in entrepreneurship
  • He then made himself available to interact personally during a pizza lunch in the MSS student lounge
  • In the afternoon, he took part of the jury evaluating the different business proposals prepared by the MSS18 participants, together with ISU alumni Joerg Kreisel, Claude Rousseau, Sumantha Pal and Dallas Kasaboski.

There is no doubt that the MSS18 participants greatly appreciated the practical feedback and sharing of real-world experiences from these MSS alumni. It is hoped that this will gradually lead to adding a fourth I to ISU’s traditional 3I concept, that of an Intergenerational approach - as was eloquently described by Peter during his talk.