Carol Lo - MSS00

ZeroGExperimentThe MSS course provided me with a good foundation on many subjects to do with Space.

Although I had some work experience prior to attending ISU, the team working opportunities, and the rare chances to talk to some of the big names (astronauts, cosmonauts, senior figures from NASA, ESA, and companies etc) while I was at ISU expanded my horizons quite beyond my expectations.

The part of the MSS programme I cherished most was my 3-month placement at JPL - it was a dream-experience for me, and I am grateful that ISU gave me all the support I needed to get there. I learnt a great deal and enjoyed being part of a small team of engineers there, working on an avionics design tool - the experience confirmed to me that I wanted to develop my career in the Space industry.

After graduating from ISU, I was offered a job by Astrium, working on Telecommunications Payloads in Portsmouth, England. I worked there until May 2003, gaining valuable hands-on experience, both with the technical aspects of large commercial satellites, and also with customer- and supplier-facing situations.

I am now Payload Systems Engineering Manager at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, responsible for the technical aspects of the Galileo System Test Bed (GSTB-V2) payload on a system level - GSTB-V2 will be the first satellite launched for the European navigation programme GALILEO, and will be used to test the new technologies designed for the GALILEO constellation.
It is a challenging job, and I certainly would not have managed without my experiences from ISU and from Astrium.