The ISU Central Campus SSP Staff is on the Move

The International Space University’s Space Studies Program (SSP) central campus staff is heading to The Netherlands for the 31st SSP, taking place from 25th June to 24th August 2018. Matthieu Clidi, the SSP18 event coordinator is sharing some updates on this imminent takeoff.

“With now less than three weeks left before the Opening Ceremony of the program, the ISU central campus team held its traditional SSP staff farewell lunch. The chosen place – a restaurant located in the former national stud farm of Strasbourg, which was built in the 18th century. And redesigned in a spectacular way. All appreciated the delectable food!

SSP18 Director Omar Hatamleh will be the first to arrive in Delft where he’ll be putting the finishing touches to the program’s organization.

During lunch, he warmly thanked the staff that will not be coming along to The Netherlands and stressed the importance of their teamwork in the success of the program.

‘We’re on good tracks to make of this 2018 SSP one of the best and most exciting to date. Currently, we’re heading toward a record number of participants coming from over 30 different countries and from very diverse professional backgrounds’.

The SSP academic and logistics coordinators, respectively Arif Goktug Karacalioglu and Sebastien Bessat will join him shortly after along with the Operation and AV teams. And thereafter the rest of the SSP staff.

With the help from the Local Organizing Committee, they will make sure everything is ready to welcome the participants of the Space English Access Course taking place in week 0 of the program.

The Netherlands Space Office in collaboration with the European Space Agency, the University of Leiden, and TU Delft will be hosts to the program and to a record number of participants.

The SSP18 participants will follow an intense nine-week curriculum which will have them examine all the different approaches to space and space activities from science and engineering to law, business and humanities under the guidance of an international team of experts.

You can find more information and register to participate in the many public events organized across the nine weeks of the SSP on