The SpaceUp Unconference lands at ISU Central Campus

“This February SpaceUp is coming back to Strasbourg. What makes a SpaceUp conference unique is that it is an unconference. An unconference is an all participant conference where there are no spectators” writes Farnoosh Sheini, an ISU MSS19 student and co-organizer of SpaceUp ISU.

spaceup2Every member of the audience is expected to contribute by planning, leading their own presentation, and discussions on space topics. In general, everyone in the building gets to think out loud on the topic at hand. It is entropy in the most positive and productive manner.

Networking into The Future

SpaceUp will be a wonderful opportunity to network with innovators, and professionals of the past, present, and with the next generation of space explorers. Ideas will be shared, merged, and revolutionized. From science fiction to rocket technology, at Space Up there is a discord table for everyone with an interest in the space industry. If your interest in space is not just a spark, but a blaze. Then SpaceUp is an experience that you do not want to miss!

To include you, we will have a special keynote speaker. This year, science fiction writer and European Space Agency research astronomer Alistair Reynolds will join us for a panel and round-table discussion.

spaceup3Mr. Reynolds was a researcher in the areas of astrophysics where he primarily worked out of ESA’s main research facility in the Netherlands. Mr. Reynolds became a full-time writer in 2004 and has written over sixty space operas and short stories throughout his career. Mr. Reynolds holds a PhD in Astronomy from the University of St Andrews and a Post-Doctoral Certificate from Utrecht University. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his research and science fiction novels.
Do not forget to strap into your space shuttle commander seat in order to join the international space community this February 23th-24th, so together we can collaborate on building our future in the stars.

You may register at

Information concerning lodging and transportation to the event can also be found at the link provided. We cannot wait to meet you! Be prepared to discuss space and have fun!


Photo credits : ISU