Some MSc alumni may need to have an apostil from the French government on their diploma for various purposes.
The apostil authenticates a public document.

Nevertheless, ISU is NOT a public institution. Therefore ISU MSc diplomas cannot get the apostil directly on them but if they are accompanied by a certificate made by a notary, the apostil can be put on the certificate of the notary itself.Note that this is the certificate from the notary that will be authenticated, not the diploma.

Also be aware that there are no other ways to proceed and ISU will only use the procedure described below.

If you  wish to go through this procedure, ISU can do it on your behalf provided that you pay for it in advance and that we receive your written request and diploma.

Once your payment and diploma are received by ISU, this procedure may take more than a month to be completed - depending on the MSS Program Director and notary's availability-.

The procedure is the following:

1/ You must fill in the request form, pay the fees and send your original diploma to: MSS Program Coordinator – ISU – 1 rue J.D. Cassini – 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden-France
ISU declines responsibility in case your diploma gets lost by postal services.

2/ ISU will organize an appointment with a notary so that the MSS Program Director signs your MSc diploma again in front of the notary. The notary will then create a certificate confirming that the person who signed in front of him is the program director.

3/Once the certificate from the Notary is done; all the documents – diploma + certificate from notary – will be mailed to the Court of Appeal.

4/When we receive your diploma and the certificate of the notary back from the Court of Appeal, we will mail all those documents back to you using the recommendations your provided while ordering the apostil.

Fill in the apostil request form here.