Academic transcripts detail the student’s marks for all evaluation elements completed and evaluated to-date.

Student records are confidential. Transcripts will only be issued at the request of the student concerned.
Transcripts will not be issued for anyone with outstanding fee payments or fines due to the University.
Transcripts will be issued within 2 to 5 working days from receipt of payment (note that the period between 24 December and 2 January are not considered working days at ISU).
All transcripts are issued in signed and sealed envelopes. Any additional requirements, e.g. reference codes, cover forms to be sent with the transcript must be included with your request.
Transcripts are sent out by standard post or, for an extra fee, by UPS express courrier.
Transcripts will not be sent by email or fax.

Transcript requests can be made either online using your personal ISU login or by post/fax using the printed application form.

Use of the online request system together with online credit card payment is recommended to ensure the quickest possible processing of your request.


For currently registered students, there is no fee for transcripts collected in person or sent via standard post.

In other cases, for transcripts sent via standard post or collected in person:
Standard fee of 15€ or US$21 for up to a maximum of three copies per program sent in one package to the same address. If transcripts are requested to be sent to more than one address, the same charge will apply again for each address (i.e. Total charge = Standard fee x No. of addresses).
For transcripts sent by UPS express courrier to countries within the European Union:
An additional fee of 100€ or US$115 per address.
For transcripts sent by UPS express courrier to countries outside the European Union:
140€ or US$160 additional fee per address.

For printed application forms, payment of the total fees, as per your completed and submitted request, must be done via ISU online payment tool: